must accompany processing teeth in Vietnam?,can stay in the mouth and cause discomfort, this method is known as the most effective analgesic method because of the extremely effective antiseptic activity of the onion. All you have to do is take a slice of freshly sliced onion and place around the affected area in the mouth for a while. Cloves are used in the treatment of many diseases related to the oral cavity by anti-bacterial, killing bacteria that cause infection and pain. You can place a small amount of clove near the toothache and let the water from the clove flow into the pain relief. You can massage gently outside the affected area with some clove oil or a patch of clove extract. Green tea is widely used in many kinds of herbal cosmetic products. In addition to reducing acne and brightening skin, green tea is also helpful in relieving toothache.

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My daughter used mouthwash bottled continuously during the day because she thought it had the effect of curing tooth decay, right? Does salt water act like bottled mouthwash?

Answer of the doctor – I-DENT Dental Implant Center Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Bottled mouthwash is a product that has a mild antiseptic effect and prevents tooth decay for those who do not have the disease, but does not have the effect of curing tooth decay.

The use of many times a day mouthwash provides pleasant feelings for the user but will cause dry mouth due to the alcohol concentration in the mouth rinses quite high, long can lead to bad breath due to mucous membrane damage. injured. Abuse of oral mouthwash also causes the oral cavity to dry, leading to bacteria easily penetrate the oral disease.

Therefore, to maximize mouthwash maximize effective should be used no more than 3 times a day after brushing. Rinse the mouthwash in the mouth for 20 – 30 seconds to activate the active ingredients.

Some people with dental caries who have a bad odor often use mouthwash to remove odors, but actually mouthwash only temporarily hides the odor of the mouth for a short time, not improving the situation. Therefore, when you suffer from dental disease, you should seek specialists for consultation and treatment to avoid becoming chronic.

If you do not have the condition to use bottled mouthwash, you can use the salt water to mix the substitute. However, it is absolutely necessary to avoid salty water as this is the cause of gum inflammation and tongue.

The salt water also has a bactericidal effect, but it is less effective than bottled mouthwash with all the ingredients needed for oral health. vietnam dentist prices

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